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How much does translation cost?

This is a common question both from translators and translatees (clients of translators). The answer to this question, as usual, depends. A translator’s rate can be determined by several factors specific to translation (for example: the language pair, the subject matter of the text) and by factors that are common to many other fields in

A Fixed Fee…with Flexibility – the Best of Both Worlds

Buying a loaf of bread at the supermarket is pretty easy in terms of pricing. The baker is aware of exactly what he’s selling (the wheat, the work involved in baking, etc.) and can therefore accurately set his price ahead of time. For the case of translation, the situation is a bit more complex. This

Alignment, Text Direction and All That Annoying Stuff

As translators we often times need to write texts (documents, emails, blog posts) that use more than one language. Most times, this is an easy enough task: simply switch the language on your device. For those of us that deal with languages that are written from right-to-left however (Hebrew, Arabic, Persian…), it might help to

Translator Profiles: They Say a Lot

The first impression potential clients get of translators on 2 Drops is through their profiles. Therefore, if you’re a translator, take some time and make your profile as appealing as possible. How can you do this you ask? Here are some tips: Select accurate and specific expertise Selecting specific and accurate expertise will increase the

The Drop: 2 Drops’ New Blog

We are pleased to announce the release of The Drop, 2 Drops' blog. Come here to read about issues related to use of 2 Drops or issues related to translation or language services in general.