How much does translation cost?

This is a common question both from translators and translatees (clients of translators).

The answer to this question, as usual, depends.

A translator’s rate can be determined by several factors specific to translation (for example: the language pair, the subject matter of the text) and by factors that are common to many other fields in the services sector (the provider’s experience in the field, his credentials, and supply and demand).

A reasonable range can be anywhere from $7.50 per page to $100 per page (assuming there are 250 words on a page).

If you’re a client and you’re wondering what price is appropriate for your work, have a look at our chart of averages below or, for a more accurate impression, perform the actual search for your language pair and subject matter and look over the translators’ pricing.

For translators wondering how to set an appropriate fee, we also refer you to the chart below and to perform a search on 2 Drops, as well as this help article on the subject.

Average Prices for Translation

Language PairSample SizeMedian
Price per Page
Price per Page
English to Hebrew24817.5026.50
Hebrew to English10023.2528.25
Hebrew to Arabic2225.5040.75
Arabic to Hebrew1418.2522.25
Russian to Hebrew3121.7546.00
Hebrew to Russian1823.2033.00
Prices assume there are 250 words on a page.
Prices are per word of source text.