Selecting a Translator

As a content writer and linguistics editor, I often encounter clients who are in need of a translator.

They ask a variety of questions, including how to find a translator who is proficient in their field? Or, how to choose a suitable translator?

No doubt you’ve experienced the thorough and professional search process on 2 Drops (if not, go ahead and give it a quick try).

Fields to enter in order to find a fitting translator on 2 Drops

Simply enter the particulars of your search – language and translator’s area of expertise. Clicking “Search”, you’ll be returned a detailed list of professionals who will gladly provide translation services.

Many users wonder whether the results returned are ordered in any particular way… and the answer is yes. Ordering is carried out according to various data that 2 Drops collects.

How does it work?

The ranking of translators on the list is determined by several criteria:

  • Expertise of the translator – if you’re looking for a translator with a background in, say, engineering, those translators who specialize in engineering will appear highest on the list (that is, as long as they work in the specified languages). It’s worth noting that the list is constantly growing. Therefore the likelihood of your finding a translator in your choices of field and language is always growing as well.
  • User feedback – “wisdom of the crowd” at its best. Users who have benefited from the services of a particular translator rate their level of satisfaction. When you have access to other people’s evaluations, you gain a clearer idea of the quality of the translator’s work. All things being equal, the higher the translator’s ranking on the list, the better his approval rating.
  • Translator’s response rate – this is data that is calculated by the site itself. It ranks translators according to the speed and efficiency in which they respond to messages they receive.
  • Translator’s reliability – rating of the trustworthiness of the translator based on the number of jobs he’s completed successfully.


After you’ve indicated the area of expertise and the languages required, you’ll be able to choose the most fitting translators from the results. 2 Drops determines the best options for you, guaranteeing that you receive the best service for your unique needs.

Remember, you can only communicate with the translator through the site. That way other users will benefit from your experience and your feedback about the translator (communicating and working via the site also allows the site to guarantee that you receive your work on time and in its entirety).

When the job is completed, it’s very important that you take the time to evaluate the translator’s work. You will help ensure reliable and fair results for both the translator and other future users.

Have any other insights? I’d be happy to hear them.