Translation Samples: Free Samples Aren’t Just for Perfume

2 Drops’ translator search does its best to find you the most relevant translators for your particular document.

Sometimes, however, after perusing the translators’ profiles (description, expertise, pricing) you can still be uncertain about which translator is best for you.

For moments like these, we highly recommend that you ask your prospective translators to translate a small sample of your work.

2 Drops allows translatees (2 Drops’ own made up term for users that search for translators 😛) to converse with their translators prior to deciding to work with them. This means the translatee can send the translator a small sample of text to translate.

Attach a file while conversing with users.

Upon getting the translated sample, the translatee can now make a very informed decision about whether or not they should work with this particular translator.

After deciding which translator is most appropriate, the translatee can then ask them to issue a price quote for the work in question.

Other things commonly requested of the translator

Other things commonly requested of the translator before deciding to work with them:

  • If they can finish the job by a particular deadline.
  • To list any relevant credentials for the job (e.g.: if the work in question is a medical translation, they might be asked what their background is in the medical field).

So, what’s holding you back? Search for a translator now and ask them to translate a small sample to see if they fit your needs. It’s free!