Translator Profiles: They Say a Lot

The first impression potential clients get of translators on 2 Drops is through their profiles. Therefore, if you’re a translator, take some time and make your profile as appealing as possible.

How can you do this you ask? Here are some tips:

Select accurate and specific expertise

Selecting specific and accurate expertise will increase the chance that you will appear in the top search results for at least some translator searches.

2 Drops allows translators to select their expertise in 2 ways.

  1. Autocomplete – Start typing an expertise into the appropriate field and select from the list of suggestions.
  2. Expertise Tree – Clicking on the button below the expertise field brings up a tree of expertise fields. Clicking on a field allows you to see/select its sub-fields.
Selecting expertise.

Upon selection, the expertise will display as well as its path (all its parent expertise) this is an indication that the expertise itself as well as its parent categories are also selected for you. You can read more about this hierarchical search in our help section.

Select a good profile picture

Profile pictures should be a photo of the translator.

Updating your translator profile – selecting a profile picture.

While this digital age has ushered in lot of opportunity, people are still comforted (and rightly so) by seeing the face behind a profile.

Write a description

Proofread your description and avoid grammatical/spelling errors!

Give your potential clients some insight into who you are as a person and include any extra info about yourself that the rest of the profile lacks.

Would you hire someone who has spelling errors in their description? This seems like a sign that the translator is not too thorough, or worse, is not competent.

Set pricing

Don’t set a high price if you’re just getting started, you’ll never get hired!

Set pricing.

You select your price for different language pairs and work types. For tips on how best to do this, see our help section article.

To summarize

When you’re all done, take a look at the profile and ask yourself if you would hire such a translator. Ask questions like:

  • Are the expertise related to one another (indicating true proficiency)? Or do they seem like a mish mash of random expertise?
  • Is the description well written and informative?
  • Is the price reasonable?

Does that sound easy enough? Register as a translator here, or, if you’re already registered, update your profile.