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How much does translation cost?

This is a common question both from translators and translatees (clients of translators). The answer to this question, as usual, depends. A translator’s rate can be determined by several factors specific to translation (for example: the language pair, the subject matter of the text) and by factors that are common to many other fields in

Is Technical Translation Like Any Other Kind of Translation?

The answer is yes, it is, in all respects; but technical translation requires greater precision. The text includes professional terms which have to be accurately translated from the source language into the target language. However, even if the translator accurately translates the terms themselves, he must also understand the general message being conveyed beyond the

The Drop: 2 Drops’ New Blog

We are pleased to announce the release of The Drop, 2 Drops' blog. Come here to read about issues related to use of 2 Drops or issues related to translation or language services in general.